(earn a $25 Visa Gift Card)

We work hard to provide our patients with an excellent experience and the highest quality dental care at our Marietta, Georgia, office. We believe that the best new patients are those who are referred to our office by our existing patients. When referring a friend to our office, we invite them to take a look at our online reviews. Our patient reviews of Georgia Dental Medicine℠ almost make us blush!
Our Patient Referral Rewards Policy Terms and Conditions:
  1. Referral of a new patient must be made by an existing, active patient. Non-patients may make referrals but are not eligible for any gift card(s).
  2. The new patient must not be one of your immediate family members.
  3. Referring dental-related doctors, employees and their immediate family members are not eligible. Likewise, dental labs and other business associates are not eligible. Referring medical doctors are eligible.
  4. A maximum of two $25 Visa or MC gift cards are allowed when referring an entire family. We appreciate your referring a family of 10, but only two gift cards for that family!
  5. Referring patient is not eligible for a gift card until the new patient has successfully completed treatment at our office.
  6. The new patient must give your name as the referring patient to our front-end staff during their first visit so we can record both your name and the new patient’s name.
  7. There is no “cap” on how many gift cards that you may earn, within the limits of our schedule availability.
  8. $25 Visa Gift Card eligibility will be determined and distributed during the first week of the month for the previous month.
  9. At the end of the quarter, all gift card recipients for the previous quarter will be eligible for one $250 Visa or MC gift card drawing. Each $25 Gift Card that you received during that previous quarter is “one chance to win.” This quarterly drawing will take place on the first week of January, April, July and October for the previous quarter and is subject to these additional restrictions:
    1. If less than five gift cards are distributed in a quarter, no $250 drawing occurs and those referring patients are rolled to the next quarters drawing.
    2. A minimum of five referrals are required for the quarterly drawing to take place. If less than five “chances to win,” those referral gift cards continue to roll forward until a quarter with five or more eligible patients occurs.
    3. Once a quarterly drawing does occur, no further roll forward occurs. (This means each $25 gift card is eligible for only one awarded $250 gift card.)
  10. Referring patients are eligible for gift card(s) only if their family balance is in good financial standing at our office. Patients with a long-term outstanding family balance, at the determination of Georgia Dental Medicine℠ , will not be eligible for a gift card.
  11. All terms are subject change and cancellation at any time, without notice. Call 770-973-6494 if you have any questions.



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