Most insurance plans are accepted by our office at Georgia Dental Medicine℠ . If you are covered by a dental insurance plan, we will gladly file your insurance forms for you with a request to have the benefits assigned to Georgia Dental Medicine℠ ‘s office.
If you have an “PPO” type of dental insurance policy, please check with your insurance company to make sure you are allowed to go “out-of-network” with your insurance. Our office is not “in-network” with any insurance company. Many “DMO” and “HMO” dental plans only allow “in-network” dentists. It is important that you understand how your insurance works with our office.
You are responsible for all costs not covered by insurance. On more complex and costly procedures, some share of the expense (not covered by insurance) will need to be paid by you at time of service.
Dr. Anderson is not a Medicaid provider.
We do offer a senior discount for those 60 and older.
The old saying “Time is Money” is absolutely true for any business. To keep our overhead as low as possible, please remember that appointment times are reserved especially for you and that means that our Dentist and/or Hygienist’s time is specifically allocated to you during your appointment time. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the office at least 8 business hours in advance so that we may offer that time to another patient. We understand that sickness and emergencies do happen and we recognize that “life happens”. Just be aware that repeat offenders may be required to pre-pay at the time their next appointment is scheduled.
Please follow the guidelines below so that costs are understood before treatment:
New Patients: Please check with our staff before your first visit to make sure that we can work with your insurance company. Also, new patients should complete the new patient forms available on the Patient Forms page.
Existing Patients: Each calendar year, if your insurance has changed, please consult with our staff regarding your new insurance.
Pre-Certification: Dr. Anderson’s team can provide you an estimate of the charges for any recommended treatment. You can then consult with your insurance company before the procedure is scheduled. We also can help with the pre-certification process on higher-cost treatments.
Our office accepts Apple Pay, cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit℠ (see below).  We also offer a senior discount for those 60 and older.
Once you have visited with our dentist and have discussed your treatment plan, you can go over a payment plan with our office managers. One option that we recommend is CareCredit℠.  We can provide you with possible payment options, as well as the estimated monthly payment amount for each option. Some of these payment options are interest-free if the CareCredit℠ payment terms are followed. You can also go to the CareCredit℠ payment calculator to see all of the payment plans offered by this service.
Note that Dr. Anderson may not offer all of the options displayed by this calculator, based on the cost of your treatment. Our office manager can help by showing you which payment options are available based upon your treatment cost. If you wish, we can provide you with a one-page summary of payment options, terms and the estimated monthly payment associated with each payment plan.
If CareCredit℠is something you are interested in, please note that CareCredit℠is a medical-use-only credit card. Be aware that it is your responsibility to understand the terms and conditions set forth by CareCredit℠.
Failure to make payments and follow CareCredit℠ contract terms could cost you additional interest and could affect your credit rating. CareCredit℠ makes payment to Dr. Anderson for services performed. All financial responsibilities are between you, the patient, and CareCredit℠.
If you wish to apply for a CareCredit℠ healthcare credit card, call 866-893-7864 or click here and apply. Once your application is accepted by CareCredit℠, they will give you a CareCredit℠card with a jointly agreed credit limit. Please make sure that the CareCredit℠payment plan you choose is one that is offered by our office. When using your card to make payment, please make sure that you tell us which payment terms you wish to use. These payment terms are then passed to CareCredit℠. As the card is used, the terms used determine the amount you are billed monthly.
Already have a CareCredit℠ Card and want to make an online payment? If so, click here: Make a CareCredit℠Payment.
If you have any questions about how CareCredit℠ works with our dental office in Marietta, Georgia, call 770-973-6494 during normal business hours. Ask to talk with our certified CareCredit℠ office resource. For CareCredit℠ application and payment questions, contact CareCredit℠ at 866-893-7864.



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